Resurrection of My Dear Old Friend

It’s been quite some time now since my last worthwhile post. To say it bluntly, I was busy. Busy with the daily chores that just distracted me from this great portal to which I convey my opinions. Now, why do my opinions matter in the whole scheme of the blog-o-phere. Some variety, nah. Some, innovation in creativity, nah. Sorry folks, all the original ideas died quite some time ago. But, I did realize throughout these dormant past weeks that it should be all of our duties to scrutinize, unwrap, and gut each and every story that means something. My apologies to you all for a gory representation on what I think my opinion should be. Here, I’m just internalizing a steady stream of media and digesting it in a creative way. This chemical rumbling in my digestive system will land in a white porcelain throne filled with the water molecules that are each and every one of you.

Good Day

World Cup Draw: The Results are in…

by Evan Milligan 
The secrets out. The final draw results are determined for the 2014 Fifa World Cup located in Brazil. USA landed in a tough position seen as they are ranked No. 14 opposed to No. 2 Germany and No. 5 Portugal. Some may argue that the US landed in the “group of death”, also known as a group made up of primarily top notch teams. Another difficult group to take a look at is Group D consisting of No. 7 Italy, No. 6 Uruguay, No. 13 England and No. 31 Costa Rica. The US men’s team will kick off against Ghana on June 16 in Natal, Brazil. Then they match up against Portugal in Manus, Brazil.

Atlantic Division: Worst of All Time?

Boston4 8 12 0.400 0.0 7-6 0-1 4-5 4-7 4-6 W 1
Philadelphia 7 12 0.368 0.5 6-7 0-1 6-5 1-7 2-8 W 1
Toronto 6 11 0.353 0.5 4-7 2-1 3-6 3-5 3-7 L 4
Brooklyn 5 13 0.278 2.0 2-6 1-0 2-5 3-8 2-8 L 1
New York 3 13 0.188 3.0 3-6 0-0 1-7 2-6 1-9 L 9

The current condition of relevance within the NBA is dismal to say the least. The Eastern Conference has been inferior to the Western for many years now, but it seems the conference has reached rock bottom; especially in the Atlantic Division. There were heavy expectations for teams like the Knicks and Nets who have two of the three highest payrolls and veteran leadership that was poised to make deep playoff runs. There are many reasons for the monumental divisional collapse…

(1.) Nets- Hiring Jason Kidd, and Aging Stars

(2.) Celtics- Loss of Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Rondo to Injury

(3.) Philadelphia- Noel injured, and MCW one man show

Could this be the NFC West of 2008……